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Psychological Concepts That May Be Useful When Organizing Your Next Event

Dec 21

These psychological ideas can help you attract guests and contribute to a more effective collaborative event, whether you're hosting a corporate event, medical meeting, or expo.


Choice's Paradox

While people thrive when they have the freedom and autonomy to make their own decisions, having too many options can lead to hesitation. Instead of presenting every potential option all at once, limit each category to a select, feasible options when creating event registration online. Remember that having too many alternatives might sometimes make it less likely that customers will choose any of them.


Pricing As A foundation

While it may be tempting to display ordinary pricing first, by placing any event VIP pricing at the top of the list, you might persuade visitors to think of the standard ticket as a bargain. Rather than deter economically prudent guests, showing them how much money they'll save by going with the conventional option can persuade them to go with the more conservative, responsible option.


The Rule Of Reciprocity

We are social beings, and when we feel forced to repay someone who has done us a favor—even if we didn't ask for it—we are more likely to do the same for them. Psychological concepts can be applied to the organizing of events. If you need individuals to register or contribute to an event in the future, make an offer to them ahead of time so they will be more inclined to reciprocate.



Meetings and events necessitate the participation of a wide number of people, ranging from speakers to volunteers, and while you may face some high-level rejection, that doesn't mean you're completely out of luck. If you're getting turned down or undecided about a request, try requesting something smaller instead, as many people will see this as a concession on the asker's behalf and be more willing to compromise.