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Chiropractic and the Recovery Process

Feb 18

Numerous patients face a challenging recovery from any type of illness, injury or surgery. Studies have shown that patients often experience many of the same symptoms after recovering from illness or surgery, such as those caused by cancer.

Unfortunately, even though the current disease is gone, the body can still be in "fight or flight mode" and it isn't getting stronger or adapting as it needs. This can also lead to many other health problems. To speed up our recovery, nerve interference can be removed from the spine. Chiropractic can help us increase our adaptability. This gives us the ability to manage any stress, be it chemical, physical or mental.

Although healing can take time, neurologically based chiropractic care is more effective than traditional methods. Our bodies are able to heal as they should and in much less time than those who do not receive adjustments during recovery. The spinal cord can improve communication between the body and brain by removing subluxation, so that all systems can function and recover optimally.

I have never felt better since my accident and since starting treatment!

Six years ago I broke both my C5 & C6. Surgery was required to remove the fragments of the broken disk from my spinal fluid. My symptoms included high blood pressure and vomiting as well as left arm pain, numbness, thumb, and hand numbness. It took a long time to recover from the surgery. I was sent to physical therapy after being prescribed medications. After six years, my symptoms continued to persist. Integral Chiropractic was the best choice for me. They used a different technique than hand manipulation. Everything is kept neat and tidy, and I was impressed by the kindness of the staff. I feel better now than ever since my accident in Sept 2020! I would highly recommend Chiropractic Care to anyone who asks! They are caring and patient. I am grateful for the love they have shown for God and the genuine desire to help me get better.

Amy T.


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