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Top 5 Faith Based Addiction Programs

Feb 20

Unlike secular rehabs, Christian drug rehabs are faith-based. They allow patients to engage in spiritual practices and use faith as a tool to overcome addiction.Throughout treatment, the patient will be taught the value of faith in their lives. Through therapy and the use of spiritual activities, the program will assist the patient in developing a deeper spiritual awareness. Religious teachings are also incorporated into the treatment. Some faith based recovery programs are owned and operated by churches and other non-profit organizations, while others are specialized "tracks" offered by private addiction treatment centers. This guide will introduce readers to the 5 best Christian rehabs in the United States. 

Pastor Dan of All In Solutions Faith Based Recovery Program preaching

1. All In Solutions Counseling Center

All In Solutions Counseling Center in Boynton Beach, Florida is a private substance abuse treatment facility that offers an outpatient Christian recovery program. Led by Pastor Daniel Cornide, a founding member of the Recovery Church movement, the treatment program is founded on a comprehensive model that observes the bio/psycho/social/spiritual understanding of addiction treatment. Patients at All In Solutions participate in individual and group therapy that utilizes evidence-based techniques, in addition to spiritually focused groups that explore the Christian faith. Pastor Daniel incorporates the 12-steps of Alcoholics Anonymous through a lens that identifies a higher power as Christ. This program establishes a perfect balance between medical and scientific understanding of the disease of addiction and practical wisdom of Biblical faith. 

All In Solutions Counseling Center

4875 Park Ridge Blvd #103, Boynton Beach, FL 33426


All In Solutions Cherry Hill faith-based program

2. All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill

All In Solutions also offers a faith based rehab that is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. This program is offered as bi-weekly groups led by Pastor Max Ingram. Pastor Max is also heavily involved in the Recovery Church movement, hosting sermons at churches throughout the tri-state area and online for broadcast. Pastor Max invites his patients to explore their faith through a guided progression through the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. He embodies "attraction rather than promotion" and structures his program so that even non-believers feel welcome to take part in recovery, and can examine their beliefs without fear of  judgement. 

All In Solutions Counseling Center Cherry Hill

1930 Marlton Pike East building t, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003


faith in recovery

3. Banyan's Faith in Recovery

Faith in Recovery is a non-denominational, Christ-centered, faith-based program for those who are addicted to drugs or alcohol or have mental health problems. While addressing their addiction, this addiction recovery treatment is meant to help patients create or regain their faith and relationship with God. Clinical therapy and faith-based principles are combined in a tailored Christian program. Faith in Recovery is a separate, all-encompassing program. A Bible study and a weekly off-site church service are the only components of such programs. Faith in Recovery is a faith-based therapy program that covers all aspects of recovery. We take a spiritual and therapeutic approach to treatment, and each patient is given a therapist based on their clinical requirements. Faith in Recovery is located in Pompano Beach, Florida.


4. Freedom Program - Recovery Centers of America 

Freedom is a Christian addiction treatment program that aims to enhance your faith while also assisting you in achieving long-term recovery.
Faith in God may give you the strength to continue and overcome any challenge. You CAN overcome drug and alcohol addiction with faith, the appropriate tools, and the right people by your side. We established an addiction treatment program at Recovery Centers of America that will give you with all of the above to assure your success in treatment. Freedom is a unique and life-changing Christian addiction treatment program that can help you reconnect with God and achieve lasting freedom from drugs and alcohol. It was created by ordained ministers who are also experts in the field of addiction and recovery to ensure the needs of Christian patients are met. Freedom Program is offered at RCA's New Jersey locations in Mays Landing and Raritan Bay. 

5. Salvation Army

Faith-based healing strategies are emphasized since the Salvation Army is an evangelical Christian organization. The alcoholics anonymous or narcotics anonymous 12 steps are commonly used, and recovered addicts will attend daily 12 steps or other group recovery sessions. In addition, bible and scripture study is stressed, with a focus on readings linked to spiritual healing and rehabilitation. Christian therapy with church leaders is also recommended, as is Sunday worship. Residents at a Salvation Army drug rehab, which can last anywhere from three to nine months, are given food, clothes, and housing, as well as access to therapy, bible study, education, and employment training programs. Salvation Army rehabs are available in almost every state in the U.S.


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