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How Marriage Counseling Retreat Therapists Work in Northampton, MA

Feb 24

Many couples decide to go for a Couples Counseling Retreat at some point in their relationship. Every relationship is unique, and that’s why you should look for a therapist who best suits your needs. This post helps you understand the signs a marriage therapist looks for and why they use emotionally focused therapy to help you move forward in your relationship.

Danger Signs Your Marriage Counselor Looks For

Marriage problems arise due to a wide range of unaddressed issues. A Marriage Therapy Retreat helps you get deep into your emotions and face the root cause of the problem. It also helps your counselor identify the adverse signs of a rift between you and your spouse.

Criticism is one thing that your counselor will look for. It involves attacking your spouse’s personality with the intent of making someone wrong and another right. Criticism is a negative behavior pattern because you and your spouse might start feeling bad in the presence of the other. Luckily, a Marriage Retreat therapist will teach you how to address anything about behavior without attacking your spouse’s personality.

Therapists also strive to identify contempt problems in your marriage. This is where you use statements or behaviors to put yourself on a higher ground than your partner. It can include mocking them, eye-rolling, sneering, or hurtful sarcasm. A professional Couples Retreats therapist will help you eliminate such behaviors to build a culture of appreciation, respect, and tolerance in the relationship.

Stonewalling is another dangerous sign in your relationship. It occurs when you or your partner withdraws from a conversation to avoid conflict. You might succeed in preventing conflict, but stonewalling only leads to disconnection and cold relationships. A Marriage Retreats therapist will help you identify the best ways to approach every conversation with your partner, regardless of how heated it might be. You learn to choose your words easily to avoid getting emotionally overwhelmed and have calmer conversations.

Why Marriage Retreats Practice Emotionally Focused Therapy

Emotionally focused therapy is one of the best research-based therapies used to help couples experiencing marital distress. The superior approach surpasses other approaches because couples reap a wide range of benefits that help their marriages to flourish. Other reasons for marriage therapists to use emotionally focused therapy include:

  • It is the most prolific and accepted theory in psychology
  • It allows counselors to stay neutral with a couple
  • It integrates brain science
  • It is backed up by extensive research
  • It works well with all kinds of marriages


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