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How to use the Pro-lordotic Neck Exerciser

Feb 24

How to use the Pro-lordotic Neck Exerciser

Every single activity we take part in today places our necks in danger or makes them more vulnerable. It doesn't matter whether we are working, texting, or playing games; our necks begin to sag,  neck exerciser is just one of them.

The Pro-Lordotic neck trainer is a device for progressive resistance that helps to maintain the normal alignment of the cervical spine. Active extension of the entire cervical spine is performed during this five-minute postural or structural correction office or home session.


The home exercise equipment is the only device that can apply strong rehabilitative stretching to the cervical structures of the anterior. This lets you stretch discs that are thin and break up scar tissue. It also can be used for strengthening the important anterior cranial cervical flexors. It has been proven to improve head posture and reduce neck discomfort. It also helps with headaches.


Basic Neck Exercise for Pro-Lordotic Neck

  • Place the neck exerciser pro-lordotic behind your neck. Point your palms outward. Next, move your arms forward and then relax your neck.

  • The arms should be extended completely. Pull your lower neck towards the front. Stop extending your arms if you feel any pain in your neck or upper back. It will get farther without feeling pain over time.

  • When your neck is stretched to the lower part with your arms spread, spread your head forward. This will stretch your neck muscles. You should only retract your head to the full extension when there is no pain. Stop extending your head if you feel pain.

  • Your fully extended arms can now be moved slightly forward and backward, with your head extended to create the sensation of a "pumping motion."

  • Start by pulling the neck workout device down towards your lower neck. After 3-4 times, alter the angle of the pull so that your pull is pulling on the middle of your neck. The arms must be bent upwards about 15 degrees. After 3-4 repetitions, adjust the angle of pull so your neck is pulled upwards. Angle your arms approximately 30 degrees upwards.


What are your Options?

There are three options for the Pro-lordotic neck exerciser. The Red Easy Pull is the first. This is for those with less grip strength, for example, older people or children.


The Blue Medium Pull might be the next. This pull is designed for smaller adult females and males who are larger. The Green Strong Pull is the alternative.


This option is the strongest and best suited for adult males and strong adult females.


You'll need to evaluate your grip strength to determine the most effective one. For more effectiveness, you'll need a stronger neck exerciser. As your grip strength improves, you will be able to proceed to the next step.


Does it work?

You'll notice gradual improvements in your posture and alignment over time.


After you have started the neck exercises pro-lordotic, what are the next steps?

If you begin the exercises, it's normal to feel soreness in your neck and shoulders. Sore muscles shouldn't last longer than a few hours. The reaction could be more severe if exercising too fast or often. You can't reduce the number of repetitions, or the force you exert. Consult your Chiropractor.


If you experience vertigo, dizziness, or loss of consciousness you should not use the Pro-lordotic neck exerciser. Also, if you have a weak neck, spinal cancer infection, surgical fusion stroke, or damaged neck, do not make use of the Pro-lordotic neck exercises.



There are a variety of options available to relieve the pain. However, the Pro-lordotic neck exerciser device is among the most sought-after. It's a neck strap that you can put around your neck that promises to align your spine.

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