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What Chiropractic Methods can be used to treat low back pain?

Mar 16

The most commonly used method of a chiropractor to treat back pain is through spinal manipulation. It's a typical popping sound that resembles a gas bubble breaking free between joints. There are numerous methods of manipulating the spine. Some can be done with a hand, while some require a particular instrument.

Chiropractors can provide different treatments in addition to the traditional ones. These therapies can relieve discomfort and enhance the functionality and health of the spine and surrounding structures.


The approach your chiropractor uses will depend on your physical condition and root cause. Finlayson Family Chiropractic treatment is holistic and addresses lower back pain by treating nutrition, stress, and exercises. Furthermore, the manipulation of the spine can be an important tool to decrease pain and improve alignment.

These are a few of the most sought-after chiropractic adjustments and spinal manipulation techniques.


  • Toggle drop

This technique uses a precise thrust on the spine to relieve back pain. To increase the mobility of vertebral joints, the chiropractor uses a toggle drop. This is achieved by moving their hands across and pressing down.


  • Motion palpation

Motion palpation is not an adjustment. It is an instrument to diagnose. It's a method to look at the spine and identify regions that aren't aligned.


The chiropractor will place their hands on specific spine regions and follow the patient through various movements. The chiropractor will assess the entire spine, from the lumbar area to the thoracic.


  • Lumbar roll

One of the most renowned chiropractic techniques is the lumbar roll. This can be particularly helpful for those suffering from low back pain.


The patient will lie on his back as the doctor is on the front plane. The chiropractor will quickly, precise thrust to address the problem and return the vertebrae to their normal alignment.


  • Table adjustments

This kind of spinal manipulation utilizes a table with dropped sections. A section of the table falls to the floor beneath the remainder. First, the chiropractor will inspect the patient to ensure the body is aligned correctly. The chiropractor will then apply a swift thrust into the area. At the same time, the drop-piece of the table is lowered.


The tension of the adjustment could be dissipated due to the table falling. As a result, it helps to make adjustments more pleasant for both the patient and the doctor.


Manual adjustments often require that the back be turned, but table adjustments do not. This method is highly effective, but it requires special skills and equipment.


Nevertheless, the adjustments to the table are a great way to unlock the spine, increase mobility, and ease back discomfort.


  • Manipulation with anesthesia

Patients with lower back pain that do not respond to standard spinal manipulations may require light sedation or complete anesthesia before undergoing adjustments. This procedure will be performed in an outpatient facility and under the supervision of certified medical professionals.


This type of therapy is for patients suffering from severe discomfort. This procedure is more dangerous than chiropractic adjustments of other kinds and should only be utilized in cases where other treatments have not worked.

Chiropractors use release techniques in addition to the methods of aligning the spine.


  • Flexion-distraction technique

This is a standard treatment for low back discomfort and leg pain caused by disc injuries.

The patient is placed on a specially-designed table designed to stretch the spine. The chiropractor will then gently massage the back and focus on the problematic area. The chiropractor will gently pump the spine to alleviate any discomfort.


This process involves the removal of the disc from the nerve. This results in decreased pain and inflammation.


The treatment is typically performed in multiple sessions, sometimes with the help of physiotherapy. To ease the pain from lower back disc injuries, patients are frequently provided with exercises to do at home.


Patients who haven't seen improvement throughout 12 sessions are typically referred to further imaging or an expert in spinal surgery to look into the issue.


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