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What are the Most Effective Chiropractic Techniques?

Apr 8

What's the role of a chiropractor in your life?

Let's get started. Chiropractic is a profession that specializes in diagnosing and treating neurological, musculoskeletal and other disorders.

Chiropractors are sought out by people suffering from neck pain, back pain, difficulty walking, or any other symptoms. To maintain a healthy spine, chiropractors may suggest dietary changes or physical adjustments.

Although chiropractors often adjust patients with their hands, They are familiar with some techniques.

Techniques to provide chiropractic care

A chiropractor may use a number of strategies depending on what information they have about their patients and their needs. These six procedures are the most common used by chiropractors around the world.


A flexion-distraction technique can be used to treat sciatica, lower back pain, and disc damage.

This procedure corrects disc herniations and disc bulges while increasing spinal motion. The chiropractor might also use manual techniques to relieve disc pressure.

This method is extremely comfortable and causes no discomfort.

Gonstead Method

Named after its inventor, Gonstead is an adjustment procedure that realigns the spine.

This is the manual (hands-on) method where the chiropractor uses manual manipulation to relieve pain. By lying on the side, the chiropractor can fix any issues with the patient's spine.

The activator method

This technique (areas that are not connected to the spine), can reduce pain and discomfort in the neck and back.

Chiropractors can use this equipment to target specific parts of the body. Because of its low-force pulse, the equipment is unable to cause the body to respond to manual manipulations.

A second benefit is the application of pulses to a particular area. This therapy protects the joints from being bent or placed into compromised positions.

Manipulation Extremities

This treatment is focused on manipulating other joints, in keeping with its name. Extremity manipulation can require manipulation of the elbows, wrist, hip, and knee joints.

This treatment is common for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome and other postural problems. It aligns the joints to reduce stress and promote healthy mobility.

This technique is not recommended for people with higher pain tolerance.

Manipulation/mobilization of the spine

This is the way most people imagine chiropractors. Spinal manipulation restores and improves joint function within the spine column.

To activate the spinal joints and make them more mobile, a mild thrusting action is combined to stretch during spinal mobilization. This gentler method of manipulation is better than more powerful thrusting.

Drop Method

The Thompson technique can also be called the Drop technique. A chiropractor applies pressure to correct the spine and other extremities of a patient by using a table that can drop in tiny increments.

Patients feel less pain and discomfort due to the subtle drop of pressure. Multiple thrusts may be required for complete spinal manipulation.

Comfortable Return

Chiropractic techniques have a long history of relieving pain and discomfort. They also improve joint mobility and function.

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