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Best Chiropractor Shoreline

Apr 15

 Best Chiropractor Shoreline

Whether you struggle with a chronic condition that causes pain, like arthritis, throw your back out suddenly, or undergo surgery, such as knee replacement, one type of gentle therapy can make a dramatic difference — chiropractic care. Your musculoskeletal and nervous systems are what your chiropractor treats, but the effects of treatment greatly benefit your overall health.

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7 Reasons To Start Chiropractic Care Now with the Best Chiropractor


  1. You’re Not Feeling 100%- If you feel like you’re not feeling 100%, then it may be time to start chiropractic care. If you are experiencing any of the symptoms such as lower back pain, headaches, upper back pain, neck stiffness, and sciatica, it may be a good time to start chiropractic care. Chiropractic care is a drug-free and surgery-free way to alleviate pain and improve your overall health. By correcting the subluxations that cause these problems in the first place, we can reduce or eliminate these symptoms for good. Some people say they are “too young” for chiropractic care—there is no such thing! Everyone from infants to our elderly patients can benefit from regular chiropractic adjustments.


  1. You Have Pain (That Doesn’t Seem to Go Away)- You’ve had a pain in your back, neck, or shoulder for days or even weeks, and you haven’t been able to get rid of it. Maybe you’ve tried a heating pad, cold compress or even over-the-counter medication with little to no relief. Perhaps the pain goes away for a while after you visit your primary care physician, but the pain returns once the prescription medications stop working. Don’t wait until your pain is unbearable. The best chiropractor Shoreline can work to ease joint pain through adjustments and other treatments.


  1. You Want to Feel and Perform Your Best- If you want to feel your best and perform at peak levels, it is important for your spine and nervous system to be functioning at their best. When you visit an affordable chiropractor Shoreline, he/she will improve the function of your nervous system by removing any interference from subluxations (misalignments) in your spine. Doing this restores the optimal function of your body so that it can operate at its best potential. This can help you feel better while also improving sports performance and general physical activity.


  1. You Want to Get Better, Not Just Feel Better - While medication will mask your symptoms and make you feel better temporarily, chiropractic care treats the underlying cause of your symptoms rather than just the symptoms themselves. For example, if your back pain is caused by a misalignment in your spine due to an injury or other factors, then taking pain relievers isn't going to help your situation at all. But treating the misalignment will help get rid of the pain permanently — not just mask it.


  1. You Want Options - One of the most important reasons to visit the best chiropractor is that he/she offers a natural alternative to many conventional therapies. If you don't want to take medication for your condition, but you've been told that surgery is your only option, seeing a chiropractor might give you another choice.


  1. You’re Interested in Preventive Care - If you’re interested in preventing future issues, then chiropractic care may be right for you. The top chiropractor Shoreline works to realign the spine and reduce joint restriction, which can help prevent common problems such as lower back pain. In addition, the proper alignment allows the body to heal itself more effectively.

Chiropractic is a natural approach to health that doesn’t rely on surgery or medication. Because of this, it’s safe for most people of all ages. Even infants can benefit from chiropractic care! It’s best to get started before symptoms arise to prevent their development in the future.

  1. It’s Time for a Change- Chiropractic Care is a great way to stay healthy and fit while preventing pain. Whether you’re struggling with an old injury, new aches, and pains, or just want to live your best life with a full range of motion, it’s time to see a chiropractor.


Your care needs to be unique and customized to benefit you the most. Chiropractic care is personalized to your condition and provides a proactive health program that helps you reach your goals faster than traditional medical treatment.


Dr. Jerry Dreessen is a top chiropractor in Shoreline with decades of experience in helping people get back to their active lives after suffering from various injuries, including those from work. If you are struggling to find relief from these nagging injuries, there is help available through Back To Action Chiropractic Clinic. Reach out to Dr. Dreessen today at (425) 670-2600 to set up a free consultation so you can begin on your journey towards recovery. You can also visit his website to know more about him.