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Intensive Counseling Retreat

Apr 17

Everyone deserves an opportunity to live in joy and happiness. Despite this, psychological and emotional issues can take a toll on your life. Unresolved trauma, for instance, can hinder your ability to perform regular duties, calling for therapy.

If you have tried trauma therapy without success, it may be time for an Intensive Counseling Retreat. It is a profound and powerful technique that focuses on deep underlying aspects that affect mental health.

Here are reasons to consider intensive counseling retreats.

Rapid Results

Unlike online therapy sessions, an Intensive Therapy Retreat can deliver remarkable results in days. A single retreat constitutes eight sessions, each spanning about 50 minutes. As a result, you’ll cover the equivalent of what weekly therapy can offer in 2 months.

Thanks to an effective maximization of time during the retreat, a rapid result is possible. At INTENSIVE THERAPY RETREATS, you’ll have therapy sessions with a specialist throughout the day with short breaks midway.

Continuous Process

An Intensive Trauma Therapy Retreat is a continuous process that doesn’t end at the retreat center. Besides routine therapy, you’ll have take-home assignments to practice what you learned during the sessions.

Moreover, Intensive Therapy has a robust follow-up program for all patients. Through effective online follow-up, your therapist can monitor your progress and make any recommendations based on your unique needs.

Scientifically-Proven Methods

Intensive Trauma Therapy boasts scientific methods of understanding adult health and trauma. The techniques help you process negative emotions to alleviate depression, sleeping problems, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms.

The most common methods include:

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)

The EMDR technique enables patients to heal from emotional distress that often yields to trauma. According to the technique, if the body can heal from physical trauma, the mind can also recover from psychological trauma.

Past studies show that EMDR can produce remarkable results in a single session, whereas other forms of therapy can take many years to produce. Of the 30 outcomes of EMDR, about 90% of trauma victims achieve the desired results after a 90-minute session.

Internal Family Systems (IFS) Therapy

The IFS technique focuses on unique sub-personalities that break into distinct parts when you experience trauma. Each sub-personality represents negative feelings such as anger, guilt, and sadness.

According to the technique, whenever you experience a negative emotion, some parts break off to protect you from the negative experiences. You can establish a dialogue with the sub-personalities through a therapist to release the pain and achieve freedom.

At INTENSIVE THERAPY RETREATS, we employ the two proven techniques to help you overcome negative feelings and live an enjoyable life.



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