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Apr 17

Thinking about divorce is not the best if you have not exhausted all ways to save your marriage. When your marriage is in crisis, you need to look for ways to solve the problems. At An Affair Of The Heart, we can help you face your marriage problems head-on and probably save it. You just need to attend our Intensive Marriage Retreats, and our therapists will help you out. Here is why we have the best couples retreats you can choose to attend.

We are Best Organizers

Couples Therapy Boston can be organized by counseling centers, organizations, religious organizations, or experienced marriage counselors. Before you attend a retreat, you need to research the organizers to know who they are, their reputation, where they are based, and much more. This will help you to know if the organizers can plan something good that will change your marriage for the better. An Affair Of The Heart is a trusted marriage counseling organization with an excellent reputation for helping couples in crisis. We plan our retreats correctly to ensures all couples attending benefit.

We Have Experienced Therapists to Help You

When you attend Relationship Retreats, you will have a chance to talk to therapists who will help you overcome your relationship problems. At An Affair Of The Heart we are led by Ross, trained relationship coach with over 40 years of experience. Besides, we have other trained and experienced therapists who are compassionate and ready to help you deal with your relationship issues. During our retreats, you will have time to interact with our therapists and your relationship will never be the same again.  

We Choose the Best Locations for the Retreats

The location of the retreat matters a lot. You may want to go to a place you have never visited before so that you can explore and have a good time with your partner. All our Couples Marriage Retreats are organized in places where couples can enjoy fun activities like swimming, hiking, viewing beautiful scenery, dancing, and more. But remember, fun activities should not overshadow the main agenda of attending therapy sessions to make your relationship better.

We Offer Best Pricing

You have to pay when you attend Couples Retreats. An Affair Of The Heart organizes couples retreats at friendly prices to allow many couples to attend. We don’t have hidden charges. In addition, our team explain to the couples what they pay for and what is not covered in the price. This allow couples to make necessary arrangement like accommodation and have enough money to spend during the retreat. 


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