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How to Use Pro-lordotic Neck Exerciser

Apr 20

Any activity that we engage today puts our necks at risk or makes them worse Our necks begin to sag no matter what we do.

Pro-Lordotic neck exercises are a progressive resistance device that helps maintain the cervical spine's alignment. This five-minute treatment session is for structural/postural corrections home or office treatments.

This home machine is the only one that can do strong rehabilitative stretching of the anterior cervical structures. It is also useful in treating headaches.

Basic Pro-lordotic Neck Exercise

  • Hold the pro-lordotic neck exerciser behind your neck. Now, stretch your arms outwards and relax your neck.

  • You should extend your arms fully. Your arms should be fully extended.

  • Hold your arms straight and extend your lower neck. If you feel pain, stop extending your head.

  • Move your fully extended arms forward and back while keeping your head up to make a "pumping movement".

  • Begin by pulling the neck exerciser downwards on your lower neck.

What Are the Options?

Three options are available for the Pro-lordotic Neck Exerciser. The Red Easy pull is the first choice. For people with weak grip strength, such as children or the elderly,

The Blue Medium Pull might be next. A Green Strong Pull is the last.

This option is the strongest and most suitable for adult males, as well as adult females.

You will need to assess your grip strength to find the right one. Once your grip strength has improved, you can move on to the next item.

It Is Effective?

You will see a change in your posture over time.

What should you do after you've started neck exercises pro-lordotic?

It is normal for you to feel soreness in your neck, upper shoulders, and neck when you begin these exercises.

Do not use the Pro-lordotic Neck Exerciser if you feel dizziness, vertigo, or loss of consciousness.


There are many methods to relieve this pain. A neck resistance strap you can place around your neck that claims to align your spine.

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