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What is the difference between a Chiropractor and a Physical Therapist?

Apr 21


More people are experiencing neck and back pain. This kind of pain can be relieved through physical therapy or chiropractic Chris Finlayson. However, each treatment has distinct advantages. It is possible to learn about the distinctions and advantages of chiropractic care vs. a PT to help you determine which one is right for you.

Two methods of effective therapy

Let's first look at the similarities and the differences between chiropractic care, and physical therapy, and the ways they differ.


Both are effective and have been shown to work under various conditions. While both treatments are effective in treating certain ailments, some may be better than others, based on the method used.


Other Treatment Philosophy

Let's take a look at the differences between a chiropractor and physical therapist to help you determine the most appropriate treatment for your condition.


  • Chiropractic treatments are specifically focused on the nervous system as well as musculoskeletal systems, which includes muscles, nerves and tendons. This kind of treatment is linked to the alignment of the spine. It can be used to treat any issue such as neck injuries, carpal tunnel, knee pain, or other problems. Chiropractic therapy can include massage adjustments of the spine, and the use of modern equipment.

  • Physical therapy is a broad practice. The use of physical therapy is to treat any condition or injury, and can also help restore mobility. Additionally it can restore essential functions, such as the ability to hold or walk. Because it is crucial for recovery, many hospitals will have a physical therapist available.


Other objectives

Although both physical and chiropractic therapy share the goal of helping patients, their primary motivations differ.

  • Chiropractors' primary goal is to ease the pain. They also aid patients to regain their mobility.

  • The main purpose of physical therapy is to improve mobility. Patients are also encouraged to develop new skills and will be encouraged to pursue them.


Different Treatments

  • Chiropractic care involves subtle adjustments to the spine. Additionally, it includes therapies like laser therapy or massage that can reduce inflammation. The experience of chiropractors in the connections between the spine and nerves can assist patients overcome their ailments.

  • A physical therapist is essentially coaching the patient. They aid patients in regaining skills from injury or pain. Physical therapy can be challenging for patients since they are encouraged and encouraged to move around in order to improve their skills for everyday living.


Conditions that can be resolved with chiropractic therapy

It is incredible how many problems chiropractic treatment can address. This includes:

  • Shoulder Pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Whiplash or other neck conditions

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Headaches, migraines

  • Carpal tunnel syndrome

  • Knee, foot, or ankle pain

  • Lower back pain


Examples of Chiropractic Treatment

The most basic form of chiropractic therapy, chiropractic aligns, is by far the most effective. Chiropractic utilizes an advanced Ultralign system which allows you to remain completely clothed while you watch the progress of your spine.

Massage therapy is a second effective treatment for inflammation.


Some examples of physical Therapy Treatment

Some of the physical therapy treatments comprise:

  • A set of exercises that the patient must do each day

  • The application of cold and heat therapy to alleviate discomfort and permit movement

  • To reduce pain and muscle spasms massage techniques and ultrasounds can be used.


If an injury limits movement, physical therapy is recommended. Patients who have sustained injuries to their hands, or are unable to grasp objects should seek physical therapy.


Another example would be someone who was involved injured in a crash and has been unable to walk. A physical therapist could be able to help. A physical therapist can assist patients to move out of their comfort zones and teach them how to walk again. Although physical therapy can be painful and difficult in certain cases however, it is usually efficient in improving mobility following injuries.

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