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Apr 24

Chiropractors treat a broad variety of spinal issues that include nerve pain and musculoskeletal issues. paramount health chiropractic conducts a physical exam and neurological examination as part of the process of determining the correct diagnosis. The doctor can also ask for an X-ray or CT scans to confirm the diagnosis. Chiropractic treatment can address a variety of spinal-related issues.

Many conditions can trigger muscular and nerve pain, that chiropractors are trained to manage.


Back Sprains And Strains: Adults are more likely to be afflicted by back strains and sprains more than any other health condition. Strains and strains result from ligaments, which are the ragged tissues that connect bones, stretching or being cut. The result is that the bones to break off. Strains are injuries that result in injury to muscles or tendon. Chronic or acute backache can be caused by lifting excessive weight, engaging in an intense sport or twisting or bending improperly during everyday routine activities. There could be a feeling of tingling or discomfort, either acute or mild and also burning, aching, stabbing and intense sensations.


Cervicogenic Headaches: can be caused by neck pain that may last for a few days. The type of headache that causes discomfort in the temples, between the eyes as well as the back of the head. Cervicogenic headaches are often as headaches that are cluster or migraines.


Coccydynia: is one of the forms of back pain that is a result of a fracture within the tailbone. Coccydynia can be caused by long-term cycle or fall. The condition may worsen when you sit for long periods of time. Sometimes, pain may occur without apparent reason.


Degenerative Disc Disease (DDD): is a very common form of disc disease frequently caused by age. The intervertebral disks, or pillows that sit between your vertebrae, may be damaged or degenerated as time passes because of strain, abuse and neglect. The discs may lose flexibility, suppleness, and shock absorption. They may also lose their elasticity because of the process of dehydration.


Herniated Discs: The majority of herniated discs can be found in the lower or neck region. Radiculopathy is a condition in which the substance inside (nucleus or the outer rings) of a herniated disc is compressed by a nearby nerve root.


Myofascial Pain: is an ongoing condition that causes muscle pain as well as trigger points. Trigger points can trigger intense, painful pain in regions of the body, like your neck or your back. Myofascial pain may feel similar to an "knot" and may be experienced after muscle exercise is repeated in quick intervals.


Piriformis Syndrome: is a condition that occurs when the piriformis (a small muscle located in the buttocks) is compressed or causes irritation to the sciatic nerve. This can cause discomfort and pain. The one or both legs may be affected by symptoms or pain emanating out of the buttocks (tingling or the sensation of numbness).


Sciatica: is an indication that the sciatic nerve or a branch of it, is inflamed or compressed. Sciatica is characterised by moderate to severe discomfort beneath the knee in one leg. Patients with sciatica may experience intense, shooting pains or other symptoms similar that are similar to electric shocks.


Leg Length Dispersion: also called short leg or leg length discrepancy, is a condition in which one leg are shorter than the other (e.g. one leg is longer than the the other). It can be caused by various structural issues like congenital impairments or postural issues (e.g. the pelvic tilt).


Spondylosis: also referred to as facet joint pain, impacts the spine as well as other bones. The process of aging is usually associated with arthritis in the knee.


Whiplash: is the injury to the hyperflexion/hyperextension joints of the neck and upper back that are common after a car is rear-ended. It is possible to sustain severe neck strain when your neck and head is "whipped" rapidly and abruptly forward (hyperflexion) and in reverse (hyperextension).



Chiropractic care is most beneficial for your spinal as well as the nervous system. Due to their expertise in treating back pain as well as pinched nerves chiropractors can assist patients suffering from a range of health problems. Chiropractic care is an excellent option if you're seeking to enhance your overall health.



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