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What is a subluxation of the spine? - Rising Family Chiropractic 300 45th Street South, Ste 315, Fargo, North Dakota, 58103, United States

May 11

A subluxation is a condition in which a part of the body becomes dislocated from its original position. If you want to know what is subluxation of the spine, you must read this article. In this article, we will discuss spine subluxation, its causes, and its treatment. 

What is a subluxation of the spine?
Spine subluxation is a condition in which the vertebrae of the spine become dislocated due to which a person may experience pain in the back. The pain may occur due to a compressed nerve or any injury to the vertebrae during a vehicular accident. 

Causes of spine subluxation
Spine subluxation may occur due to the following reasons:

It may occur due to a trauma to the spine in a vehicular accident.

It can occur due to bad posture or sitting for a long time on a chair. People who keep sitting on a chair in the wrong posture may suffer from this problem because it puts pressure on the spine that can cause compression of the spinal nerves and misalignment of the spine. 

In some cases, family history is also responsible for causing subluxations of the spine. If either of your parents suffers from this problem you are more likely to suffer from the same problem. 

Other reasons for spine subluxations include poor habits such as excessive alcohol drinking, smoking, and too much mental stress.

Symptoms of spine subluxation
The symptoms may vary from person to person. The symptoms may be acute or severe depending on the part of your spine that got affected. Some common symptoms of spine subluxation are:

• Pain in the shoulders and back
• Stiffness of neck and shoulders
• Numbness and tingling of fingers
• Headaches and loss of balance
• Difficulty in breathing
• Weakness of the muscles of the back, neck, and shoulders

In some cases, paralysis may occur if proper treatment is not taken on time

Treatment of spine subluxation
If you experience pain in the lower back, shoulders, or neck you must see your health care professional. Your health care professional can make a diagnosis of the condition by doing certain tests and investigations. After diagnosing the condition he can suggest you the best possible treatment for spinal subluxation. Your treatment for subluxation of the spine will depend on your general health and lifestyle. Some common treatments recommended include the following

Chiropractic care: It is the first line of treatment that helps to give relief from the symptoms. A chiropractor can make certain adjustments to your spine to bring your spine to the normal alignment. 

If spinal subluxation is not due to an injury or trauma, your doctor may also recommend you change your posture. He can advise some exercises that can help to improve your posture and give you relief from pain. 

Massage is also an important therapy that can also give relief from a spinal subluxation. You can visit a chiropractor for massage therapy. Massage makes your muscles strong and also helps to relieve tension from the muscles. 

The doctor can also ask you to make dietary changes to get relief from the pain. You must avoid drinking alcohol and quit smoking. You must focus on a healthy diet to improve the strength of your muscles. You must keep your body properly hydrated to reduce fatigue, muscle spasms, and cramps.

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