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What Does a Teeth Whitening Procedure Entail?

Jul 4

Most people are now aware of the concept of getting their teeth professionally whitened, partly because of TV personalities and celebrities. Some patients may believe that getting whiter teeth is out of their price range because these people tend to be wealthy, but this is not the case.


Without requiring invasive dental surgery, this well-liked cosmetic dentistry procedure is one of the most reasonably priced that we provide and significantly improves how white your teeth are.


For a while, numerous "shops" offered this treatment on the high street, but they were mainly unregulated. Because some staff members lacked training, many patients received subpar care and endured burns to their gums or had their teeth permanently destroyed. It would be best if you never thought about having this treatment performed by anyone other than a dentist or a dental professional under supervision, as these shops are now mainly prohibited.


What is the course of treatment?

We offer our patients a customized at-home teeth whitening procedure at River District Smiles Dentistry that is easy to use and yields excellent results. This must not be confused with "at-home" kits, which can be purchased online or at some pharmacies. These are not specifically made for your teeth, are unlikely to yield the same results, and can irritate your mouth. This is due to the fact that the trays are not explicitly designed to fit your teeth firmly and can result in the whitening gel leaking onto the gums.


Checking to see if you are a good candidate is the first step in your procedure. Most individuals are, but if you're pregnant, for instance, you might want to postpone treatment until after your kid's birth. Although there is no proof that it is harmful to unborn children, there hasn't been enough research on the subject to be certain. People with cracked or chipped teeth are another group that might ask for whiter teeth but are not the best prospects. Although there is usually no harm done, whiter teeth may simply serve to draw attention to these imperfections. In this situation, veneers might be a preferable option, and we would be happy to discuss this with you.


Once a choice has been made, we will discuss the degree of whitening you aim to get and modify the treatment plan as necessary. The trays into which the whitening gel will be inserted will then be made using the impressions we took of your teeth. This is a crucial step since the specially constructed trays will fit snugly and minimize any possibility of the gel in touch with your gums, thereby lowering the likelihood of inflammation.


You will be called back to our Rockhill, South Carolina office and given the bleaching gel and instructions after the whitening trays have been returned to us.


In most cases, you'll need to put the gel in the trays and wear them for a few hours every day for a few weeks. This is the ideal justification to kick your feet up and relax while watching TV or reading for a few hours because they are made to be comfortable.


When will it start to work?


The potency of the gel implies that the progress is gradual; you won't notice benefits after just one session, for example. This treatment must be safe. After about a week, most patients begin to feel a difference, with the full effects appearing after two. The outcomes will vary slightly from person to person, but after the procedure, you can expect to observe an enhancement in the brightness of your teeth of up to eight shades.


Most people don't have any adverse effects at all, although, on rare occasions, your teeth may temporarily become more sensitive. We have a gel available to help with the discomfort while things return to normal, which should happen quickly.


At River District Smiles, we take pride in our ability to provide patients with long-term, natural-looking results. To achieve this goal, we focus on delivering the highest quality of care possible and using only the latest, most effective teeth whitening technology. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation so that we can help you achieve your desired level of whiteness.