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Why We Do What We Do | TED Talks Part 2

Jul 8

I probably put a lot of here because I really want to try and serve you and I hope it doesn't just sound like philosophy since we can't do the interaction at the same level, although I hope you'll participate with me a bit. The bottom line of why I'm here is that I'm really in a position I'm not here to motivate you. Obviously you don't need that. And a lot of times that's what people think I do. And it's the furthest thing from it. What happens though, is people say to me, why don't you be motivation? I said, Well, that's interesting. It's not what I do. I'm the white guy. I don't know why you do what you do. What is your motive for action? What is it that drives you in your life today? Not 10 years ago, are you running the same pattern? 

I believe that the invisible force of internal Drive, activate is the most important thing in the world. I'm here because I believe emotion is the force of life. All of us here have great minds. You know, most of us here have great minds. I don't know if I'm in the category, but we all know how to think with our minds. We can rationalize anything we can make anything happen. We can I agree with what was described a few days ago, but this idea that people work in their self interest, but we all know that you don't work in your self interest all the time. 

Because when emotion comes into it, the wiring changes in the way it functions. And so it's wonderful for us to think intellectually about how the life of the world is and especially those who are very smart, we can play this game in our head, but I really want to know what's driving you and what I'd like to maybe invite you to do by the end of this talk is explore where you are today for two reasons one, so that you can contribute more, and two so that hopefully we can not just understand other people more but maybe appreciate them more and create the kinds of connections that can stop some of the challenges that we face in our society today. 

They're only gonna get magnified by the very technology that's connecting us because it's making us intersect. And that intersection doesn't always create the view of everybody now understands everybody and everybody appreciates everybody. So I've had an obsession basically for 30 years. And that obsession has been what makes the difference in the quality of people's life. What makes a difference in their performance, because that's what I got hired to do. I gotta produce the result. Now that's what I've done for 30 years. 

I get the phone call when the athlete is burning down on national television. And they were ahead by five strokes and now they can't get back on the course. I got to do something right now to get the result in nothing matters. I get the phone call when the child is going to commit suicide. I gotta do something right now. And 29 years. I'm very grateful to tell you I've never lost one and 29 years doesn't mean I won't someday, but I haven't done it and the reason is an understanding of these human needs. I want to talk to you about so when I get those calls about performance, that's one thing like how do you make a change? But also I'm looking to see what is it that shaping that person's ability to contribute, to do something beyond themselves? So maybe the real question is, you know,

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