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How may chiropractic care benefit tradespeople?

Jul 13

There's no denying that being a tradie is a difficult job. It is physically demanding work, so being able to feel, function, and move at your best is critical. Many tradies do not have an optimal feeling, functioning, or movement - it is believed that at least one in every four people working in a labor-intensive job suffers from back or neck discomfort at some time in their career. This is where chiropractic care comes in.


What can tradespeople do to alleviate and avoid pain?

We may all recall being told as youngsters and teenagers to sit up straight,' 'roll your shoulders back,' and, my personal favorite,' stop slouching!' As frustrating as that was at the time, we all have to recognize that they were correct. Good posture is essential for your body to operate, move, and feel its best. So, how does your posture affect you as a tradesperson?


If you have poor posture, you are constantly putting your body in a position that compromises the joints and how well they move, compromising the joints' ability to handle moving heavy items and materials, potentially leading to more serious conditions such as osteoarthritis and degeneration over time.


The neurological system is damaged as well as the joints and bones. The nervous system, which is controlled by the brain, transmits messages down our nerves, which exit between nearly all vertebrae (the individual bones that make up the spinal column). If we compress or narrow the opening through which these nerves exit, we compromise the messages they send, resulting in issues such as tight and sore muscles, feelings of weakness, numbness, tingling, shooting, and many other problems.


Lifting technique - are you lifting properly?


A bad lifting technique is a definite way to hurt your back, which is why I'm here to point you in the proper route! Before I go into the appropriate lifting techniques, I want you to understand why it is so vital for your spine's health. The spine is made up of numerous little parts, and it is critical that they all work in unison as well as in harmony with our arms, hips, and legs.


This means that we don't want some portions of the spine to move freely while others become 'stuck.' We also don't want all of our weight to be carried via our back and not evenly distributed through our legs and arms. Carrying weight unevenly can result in a variety of problems such as sprains, strains, facet impingements, and more.


So, how do we go about lifting properly? There are a few key tips:

  1. Lead with your hips and keep them squared to your shoulders - this will ensure that your spine stays in alignment and that you are not twisting at your waist, which can cause serious problems.


  1. Remember to keep a flat back - this will help you avoid rounding your spine, which can cause strain and pain.


  1. Bend at your knees - This will take the pressure and weight off of your spine and distribute it evenly through your legs.


  1. Use your resources! - If you have a partner or co-worker available, don't be afraid to ask for help! Lifting with someone else can significantly reduce the risk of injury.


  1. Listen to your body - if something feels wrong or uncomfortable, stop what you're doing and reassess the situation. It is better to be safe than sorry!


At Peak Potential Family Chiropractic, we understand the importance of having a healthy spine and nervous system. We also know that as a tradesperson, you are constantly putting your body under physical stress. That is why we offer specific chiropractic care for tradespeople in order to help you feel, function, and move at your best!