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How to Preserve Your Dental Health This Summer

Jul 20

The warmer climate can make our teeth and gums more vulnerable. The milder weather is certainly welcomed by many of our Rockhill patients, who are doubtless making plans to enjoy it to the fullest before the shorter, icier days return. The list will almost certainly include summer vacations, barbecues, shorter breaks, and other family gatherings.


Although the warm weather is wonderful, it does pose some additional threats to your dental health. We thought some "summer recommendations" may be helpful for you to keep your teeth and gums in good condition this summer. Part of the mission of River District Smiles is to empower, encourage, and educate our patients to take proper care of their teeth.



We'll start with a topic that isn't specifically relevant to summer but one we always bring up to emphasize the immense harm that smoking does. Smoking increases the risk of many cancers, including mouth cancer. Even if not fatal, this can impair speech and swallowing, and it may also lead to facial disfigurement. Make now the time to quit smoking in order to save money and your health.



During the summer, we definitely consume more alcohol, whether it be during gatherings and BBQs or just while relaxing with a nice beer in a cozy bar garden. While we are not trying to get you to stop drinking, we do want you to do so in moderation. Alcohol can also increase the risk of oral cancer, especially if it is consumed excessively or frequently. Additionally, it frequently contributes to gum conditions including gingivitis and periodontitis (and if you have dental implants, peri-implantitis too). Enjoy yourself, but keep your drinking in check.


Spiked Drinks

You might choose one of the various fizzy drinks on the market if you opt against drinking alcohol. After all, on a hot day, what could be more enticing than a fizzy drink fresh from the ice box? These are OK as treats, but it's vital to keep in mind that they frequently include high concentrations of sugar, which, as you are probably aware, can be very bad for your teeth. Additionally, the majority of these beverages have a high acidity level. Your tooth's protecting enamel is harmed by this, and if it is damaged, you could get sensitive teeth.


Barbecue concerns

Since they are becoming more and more popular, barbeques make a terrific reason to come together with loved ones. Of course, you may cook a broad variety of foods on them, some of which are better for your teeth than others. However, the sauces and marinades that are frequently used deserve extra attention. These can be very sticky in addition to having a lot of sugar in them. As a result, they are probably going to stay on our teeth for a while after we eat. After eating, it's a good idea to swill and spit water, and use floss to get rid of any food particles that become stuck in your teeth.


We already explained that alcohol use can worsen gum disease. Dehydration is one of the ways it accomplishes this. When we don't drink enough fluids during warmer temperatures, this can also occur. Even if you have one as a treat, you shouldn't depend on carbonated beverages for this. Water should make up the majority of your fluid intake because it is less expensive and much better for your teeth. Not only does it not contain any sugar, but it will also aid in removing any sugar residue on your teeth.

Icy dessert

Ice cream's high sugar content should go without saying, especially if we visit a beach destination. Again, we're not suggesting you shouldn't have ice cream, but keep in mind that it will increase your daily intake of sugar. If your teeth are sensitive, it could also cause you to cringe in discomfort.


Finally, if we can get ourselves to leave the sunbeds, we might engage in some beach activities. Of course, there are risks associated with every contact activity, but in terms of tooth damage, frisbees are definitely one of the worst. If you don't make a good catch, the frisbee can hit your teeth. In the event that this happens, be sure to have your teeth examined as soon as you can. If any obvious damage is found, try to schedule an emergency consultation as soon as you can.


At River District Smiles, we hope you have a fun and safe summer! If you have any concerns about your oral health, please don't hesitate to contact us. We would be more than happy to help you in any way we can.