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An Affair of the Heart Couples retreat: Day Four

Jul 27

Day four at An Affair of the Heart’s NYC Couples Therapy focuses on couples becoming more responsive and open. This includes diving deeper into vulnerability, trust, responsiveness, and accessibility. The day’s program is split into several sessions to approach the day’s topic better. 

Three-Hour Couples Session

The days start with a three-hour couples session at about 9 am. Our therapists and retreat specialists continue to build up from day two’s session. Several aspects are majored on during this session. The coach engages you in your styles of interaction and engagement. Additionally, they’ll engage you on the ‘Be There For Me’ conversation and ‘The Longing versus Fear Continuum. These topics have been scientifically proven to explore couples’ emotional truth deeper. They also help understand how the couple’s past behavior has served them as well as how it has limited them. These Intensive Marriage Counseling Retreats sessions enable the coach to expound on the vulnerability and difficulty of couples expressing those fears, wants, and needs. Furthermore, the specialists start experimenting with your ability to stay close to your inner sense and trust to determine how you express yourself to your partner.

Lunch Break

During the lunch break, the Relationship Retreat Specialist analyzes the data collected during the morning session. As a result, we get a deeper understanding of the couple’s vulnerability and trust levels, which helps us devise solutions to counter the restraints. 

Couples Session

Another follow-up couples session is help for about an hour. This is ideal for making follow-ups on matters arising from the morning session. If our coach feels that the morning session was not conclusive, this session comes in handy to address any issues that were left out or need further clarification. 

Couples Session to Completion

This is the final session of the day four couple Therapy Retreats session. This session is designed to supplement the morning session’s work. To strengthen your bond, the coaches use this session to draw meaning to your personal and interpersonal fears and yearnings. Then, if a couple is ready, we start the process of healing. We make couples avoid the disconnection cycle, maintain trust, and explore softer feelings.

Wrap up

Day four forms one of the highlight sessions as it narrows down to the deepest spot on the couple’s feelings and trust. This is the session Couples Therapy NYC that starts the process of healing among troubled couples. This is so because the therapist will have identified the most profound underlying issues.

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