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An Affair of the Heart Couples Retreats: Day One

Jul 27

Marriage Counseling Retreats at An Affair of the Heart are designed to run for five days. Day one is critical as it is a session where the coach or therapist takes a couple through the alignment, emotion, cycle, and meaning phase. This phase covers a series of essential steps that run through the day. Get to learn some of these steps below.

The Three-Hour Couple Session

The three-hour couple session is the first session we hold with a couple having problems. Our coaches get acquainted with the couple and take note of their history which often includes the couple, family, as well as personal history. During Couples Therapy In Boston, the problem is defined and goals set for the couples therapy sessions. Our coaches also get a deeper understanding of the dynamics of a couple’s relationship, paying close attention to personal and interpersonal emotions. Furthermore, the couples learn about their feelings and emotional orientation and how they affect their behavior. This is summed up by an internal dialogue primarily focusing on each of the partners, other people relating to them, and the whole world. 

Individual Sessions with Every Partner

When attending the Couples Therapy Weekend individual session with each partner, our coaches take you through a series of questions to advance the individual understanding. Here, your history will be reviewed in detail to draw conclusive aspects about your emotions as well as behavior. We will also dig deep into the things you dislike, especially those that affect your relationships with people. To sum it up, our therapist will also make inquiries into your relationship and attachment injuries.

Couples Session

To conclude day one of the Couples Therapy Retreat Near Me, our coaches will integrate all the data they’ve collected and draw sense out of it. This is essential as it will help them have an understanding of each partner as well as how they view relationships. Additionally, they will understand their personal and interpersonal cycles. This session usually lasts about an hour and a half.

Wrapping up Day One

During your first visit to our Couples Marriage Retreats, we will connect with you at a deep level to gain an understanding of every partner and their emotional dynamics. Your history in life, relationships, and how you relate with the outside world come in handy in comprehending your nature as a partner in a relationship. Therefore, the first day is essential for the couples retreat program.

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