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Looking For Someone To Take Care Of The Washing Machine And Dryer Trash Removal?

Jul 27

Do you require someone to remove your dryer and washer junk? Then you've come to the right spot if so! Grunt Life Hauling is a specialist in demolition and junk removal. Here's a look at their offerings. We'll discuss the costs, equipment requirements, and environmental stewardship. Eliminating your old dryer and washer can be a pain however, we've got a solution: the experts at Grunt Life Hauling are here to assist you.


When you need to eliminate your old washing machine you can arrange a pickup by a reliable service at a cost of around $145. Alongside the price of the truck as well as the pickup, you need to take into consideration the location where the machine is removed and then disposed of. In north San Francisco, the cost to dispose of a washing machine at the landfill is around $188.

Grunt Life Hauling, LLC is a local junk removal service that can help you get rid of your washer and dryer. The company, which is owned by a veteran, has been providing quality service to the North Shore and is a ideal choice for anyone who wants to rid themselves of old appliances and other items. The company also provides demolition services. Contact them today to schedule your free estimate!

Service area

If you own washer or dryer, you are probably looking for an experienced junk removal service. They consume lots of energy and water and may even cease to function or make a roaring noise if they are old. Whether your machine is broken and old or you're just annoyed by the noise, Junk King offers washer and dryer junk removal as well as recycling services. In addition, with their green policies and customer service that is friendly, they're one of the nation's greenest junk haulers.

Equipment required

Grunt Life Hauling is the best place to call if you need to get your washer and dryer taken off. Not only will they take away the large appliances, but they'll also take care of the clean-up process. Grunt Life Hauling has the equipment necessary to remove the junk from washers and dryers. Be assured that they will be available to answer your calls, so you don't have to worry about any uneasy moves.


LG, Whirlpool and other manufacturers have recycling programs that permit consumers to recycle their appliances on their own. These programs are often motivated by corporate efforts in order to reduce their environmental impact. Businesses who recycle their appliances in-person are more eco-friendly. To find out more about the manufacturer's recycling program clients should reach them. Certain manufacturers may claim that they provide free pickup and recycling for new models.


It's clear why recycling is becoming so essential. Many consumers are looking for innovative and better-performing systems, but don't think about the older appliances. But, a dryer or washer can be an essential appliance with a range of components. Some junk removal businesses aren't eco-friendly and just dump them in the landfill.

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