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One-North is in a prime position, near to two MRT stations, and has excellent transportation options

Nov 16

The Blossoms by the Park was constructed according to an agreement approved with EL Development. It is located close to The Buona Vista Station of the MRT It is also located close in the One-North technological Biomedical Hub as well as the one-north-technological.

The most up-to-date version of this Hub was the One North Technology Hub. Blossoms by the Park is made up of 405 units of housing that are being constructed for people living in the area.

One-North is situated in an perfect location, and is located within close proximity to two MRT stations particularly The One North and Buona Vista (Interchange of the East-West and Circle Lines). Shopping malls enable you to offer your products to consumers from all over the world. The malls serve as the primary source of the blossoms which are located throughout Blossoms by the Park.

They comprise three centers: Rochester Mall, The Star Vista and Holland Village. The convenience store houses banks and pharmacies along with banks and stores.

Gillman Barracks is just five minutes away. It's situated in a city that is full of bustle. Gillman Barracks is home to a variety of art and museums that are open during the day. The buildings also have bars cafes, restaurants, and other cafes.

If you're contemplating creating the dream home you've always wanted, in the region, or a region that covers all aspects of the Pasir Panjang region to assist in the growth of the region. Slim Barracks is an excellent alternative. Slim Barracks developments are located close to the main areas of Blossoms by the Park. They're a collective of experts who live within close proximity to each their counterparts across the world.

The unique work-live-play-learn-learn-play environment allows the integration of developments that are focused on industry together with communities for residential, lifestyle opportunities and educational institutions to create a stimulating and inspiring environment for creative minds to work together and innovate.