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5 Stretches Recommended By Chiropractors For Your Neck

Dec 23

Are you having a problem with a sore or stiff neck? Your neck is a complex structure composed of bones, muscles, ligaments, and tendons that all need to be in balance for optimal health. 


A chiropractor near me recommends the following 5 stretches as part of your daily routine to help improve mobility and relieve tension in your neck:


  1. Neck Pulls


You can help lengthen your neck by using your hands during channel pulls. First, put your elbows directly out to either side, your hands behind your head, and your fingers intertwined. Placing your hands below your ponytail might be beneficial. Then, stand upright with your shoulders back and down and your hips forward. Inhale deeply, then exhale to enter the stretch.


The stretch involves lowering your chin toward your neck and adding a light pull with your hands. Mainly, all you're doing is employing the weight of your hands. Stretch your body as far as you can without experiencing any pain. Breathe in and out many times, attempting to extend your stretch further with each exhalation.


  1. Head Nod


Take off your hands while keeping as close to your chest as you can with your chin while entering his stretch. Now tilt your head back as far as it will go to look up at the ceiling again. 


Keep your form proper, never forget that. Keep your shoulders and hips from sagging. Use your breathing to determine when to change (always on the exhale). Repeat the stretch for about ten times. 


  1. Nod with Bent Over Head


Now squat as low to the ground as you can. It's excellent to touch the ground, but make sure your legs work smoothly. Keep in mind that the neck is the current area of focus. Let your head hang straight down, and keep your arms at your sides to prevent them from getting in the way of the stretch. 


Now, riding in this position, repeat your head nod stretch. Tilt your head back and away from your chest while keeping your chin as close as possible.

  1. Ear Drops


Return to a straight-legged standing position by relaxing your shoulders and bringing your hips back. Put your fingers together behind your back. Pulling the shoulders down will be easier if you keep your hands at the level of your lower back. Your ear should be pointing toward your shoulder when you turn your head to the right. For a few breaths, hold it. Repeat the exercise on the left side after standing back up.


You can also use aided ear drops as an alternative. Use your hands to extend your stretch more than holding your arms behind your back. Place your right hand on your head while you incline your right ear toward your right shoulder. You are mainly using the weight of your hand to aid, so don't pull too hard. Never extend your neck to the point where it pops. Give your chiropractor for neck discomfort the adjustments.

  1. Neck Circles


Your shoulders should be back, and your hips should be tall and straight. Neck cocked up to the chest. Then, turn your head in a clockwise motion as though you were tracing a circle with your chin. Stop after one complete revolution with your chin back toward your chest. Turn completely counterclockwise now by rotating in the other direction. Once you've made three rotations in each order, repeat the stretch.

At Collective Chiropractor, we can help you ease the pain or stiffness in your neck with the help of our certified and licensed chiropractors. Talk to us today to learn more about how our services can help with holistic healing and overall health.