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Will coffee treat my migraine?

Dec 31

Coffee can actually help to treat, prevent and cause migraines - which makes it both a useful and dangerous tool if you suffer from migraines. If you're trying to get your migraines under control, then coffee can be a helpful tool - but be careful not to overdo it, as too much coffee can quickly become the root cause of your migraines.

That can be hard to understand, so we break down the science on how coffee can help treat and prevent migraines and highlight how it's also the most likely cause of headaches.



Can coffee treat a migraine?

Coffee can help with migraines for two reasons. First, coffee can help constrict blood vessels. This helps to ease the pain of migraines. Second, coffee contains caffeine. Caffeine can help to reduce inflammation.

Many people who suffer from migraines find that coffee can help ease the pain. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a natural headache remedy. Caffeine helps by constricting blood vessels and reducing inflammation.


If you typically get migraines, try drinking a cup of coffee the next time you feel one coming on. You may find that the pain goes away quickly.


If you're a regular coffee drinker and you suddenly stop, there's a good chance you'll experience withdrawal migraines. Caffeine withdrawal is a real thing, and missing your daily fix can cause some pretty uncomfortable symptoms. Luckily, thefix is simple - just get your coffee fix and the migraine should go away. So if you're experiencing withdrawal symptoms, don't worry, a cup of coffee will help get rid of the headache.


Second, if you don't have coffee regularly, you might be surprised to know that all you need for a headache is a cup of coffee. Coffee constricts blood vessels naturally, and since the primary cause of headaches is swollen blood vessels, this can alleviate the pain. However, it's essential to understand that it's the caffeine in coffee that causes these constrictions. So, if you're trying to relieve yourself with decaf, it unfortunately won't work.


Does coffee cause migraines?

If you're somebody who usually drinks coffee every day, you might be familiar with the dreaded withdrawal headache that comes along with missing your daily cup (or two). While it's true that coffee likely won't cause a migraine, large amounts of caffeine can lead to caffeine dependence - and when you suddenly stop drinking coffee or miss your usual dose, withdrawal migraines are a very common symptom.




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