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Safety Tips For Seniors Living Alone

Apr 27

Living alone can be a rewarding experience for seniors who want to remain independent, but it also poses risks that need to be addressed. Falling is one of the leading causes of injury for older adults who live alone and can easily become life-threatening.

Fortunately, falls are preventable and there are Safety tips for seniors living alone that can be taken to ensure the safety of elderly residents in their own homes.

Installing a medical alert system is a good idea for seniors who live alone, as it can help them contact emergency services in the event of a fall. It is also a great way to monitor their health and make sure they are eating enough, taking medication regularly and getting adequate exercise to keep them strong.

In addition to a medical alert device, it is important for seniors who live alone to have a plan in place for how they will get help should they need it. This includes having a list of emergency contacts on hand in case of an accident and keeping a phone close to the bed or on the nightstand for easy access. Getting plenty of exercise, maintaining a balanced diet and staying social are other ways that seniors who live alone can improve their health and stay safe.

Tripping and falling are common risks for aging adults who live alone, so it is vital to ensure that the home is free of trip hazards and other potential dangers. This includes ensuring that pathways through the home are clear of obstacles such as rugs and that extension cords are not left in walking paths or draped over furniture. Having grab bars installed in the bathroom and non-slip mats in showers and bathtubs can also help reduce the risk of falls.

In addition, it is important to make sure that smoke detectors are working and fire extinguishers are within reach in the event of a fire. It is also a good idea to have an emergency plan for pets or other animals that may be in the home.

Another way to reduce the risk of falling is to do a regular walkthrough of the home to ensure all doors are locked and that there are no loose rugs or other items that could pose a threat. It is a good idea to install a peephole in the front door so that seniors can see who is outside before opening it, as well.

Finally, it is a good idea for seniors who live solo to set up a check-in system with a friend or family member who can visit the house regularly to make sure everything is alright. This can also act as a deterrent against theft, as seniors who do not answer the door often are at higher risk of being targeted by thieves. Lastly, if the person is unable to be reached they can activate the medical alert system which will immediately contact emergency services and notify their loved ones that something is wrong.