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Sep 24

Physical Therapist in Barbourville, KY: Treating All Types of Rehabilitation Cases

The physical therapist's job is to help patients with mobility-related issues or any other type of rehabilitation. There are many types of therapists who work with people who have different needs. Physical therapy can be helpful for those recovering from an injury, surgery, or illness. The physical therapist will create a personalized treatment plan to suit the patient's specific needs and goals. Physical therapists use exercises that improve strength and range of motion as well as coping mechanisms for pain management.


How do I know if I need one?

Do I have a nagging pain that just won't go away? Can you move your body, but not as well as before the injury occurred? If so, you may need help from a physical therapist in Barbourville, KY. Is there one activity that causes me to hurt more than others when performing it? This might be an indication that something needs improvement in order for you to continue doing this task without feeling pain afterward. It could mean inflammation has built up and is causing pressure on surrounding tissues/muscles which can cause discomfort over time in Barbourville.


Types of therapy they can provide

Pineville physical therapy focus on restoring and maintaining physical movement, the ability to do everyday tasks and activities of daily living. They can help with: pain management; injury rehabilitation; recovering from surgery or trauma; improving balance, mobility, flexibility, and coordination issues due to stroke, heart disease, or arthritis among other disorders. Physical therapists Barbourville work in private practice treating patients who have been referred by their doctors for evaluation after an accident or illness that has left them impaired in some way.


Different types of treatments and rehabilitation (examples) 

Physical Therapy is a valuable asset for those who have been injured.  Physical Therapists are trained to deal with many different injuries and disabilities. This includes back pain, neck pain, shoulder problems, hip problems, etc. Many conditions may be treated by a physical therapist without surgery or drugs.  Joint replacement can also be successfully conducted by a qualified Physical Therapist. Physical therapists treat patients of all ages from newborns to the very elderly; they assess their condition and design an individualized treatment program including hands-on manual therapy techniques such as massage.


What will happen during my first visit to the PT office?

A physical therapist in Barbourville, Kentucky will usually evaluate a patient’s condition through taking a history and doing an exam. During the first visit to a Barbourville PT office, you can expect your therapist to also talk about their findings from these evaluations. This information is used by them to determine what kind of treatment plan they would like to recommend for you. They may discuss this with you during the initial evaluation or sometime later after they have had more time to look into it further. Physical therapists are always updating themselves on new research that can help improve care plans for patients.

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