Caregiver Recruiting Solutions for Home Care & Senior Care Businesses


Instantly Receive the 40-Page Guide That Solves the Challenges of Caregiver Recruiting in 2021. Solve recruiting pain points, save money on recruiting.


In this guide you will learn:

  1. Recruiting Dollars: Know Your Numbers – No More Wasting Time and Money
  2. Recruiting Pain Points: Communication, No Shows, Ghosting
  3. Recruiting Time: Less Time Upfront, More Time on the REAL DEAL
  4. Retention: Always Be Asking, Offering, Honoring
  5. Retention: The “House Mother” Effect

Challenge: Every day, top home care agencies say, “We can’t grow… because we can’t staff the clients we have, much less take NEW clients!”

Solution: It’s time to improve the current caregiver recruiting process so home care agencies can grow their business.  Approved Senior Network has been helping senior care and home care businesses with caregiver recruiting for a few years now.

Here are the trends ASN is seeing, from discussions with their clients:

  • 65% of new caregivers come from paid postings on job sites, like Indeed, ZipRecruiter, etc.
  • 20% are employee referrals. These are probably the best employees.
  • 12% come from job fairs.  COVID has kind of put a squash on that. Groups are having job fairs again which is great but it’s still a challenge.
  • 3% are walk-ins.

The typical home care/ senior care business tells ASN, We are relying on our employees, we’re relying on word of mouth, and we’re relying on paid posting on job sites…which is costing us tons of money”.

ASN’s commitment is to help home care and senior care businesses:

  • Analyze and Fix ad spending across multiple caregiver recruiting platforms – stop wasting money.
  • Automate communications and follow-up processes to draw more prospects into interviews with less hassle.
  • Save time with the “Virtual Assistant” method for posting and editing job descriptions, managing budgets adjusting territories & uploading all data from multiple ad systems like Indeed, MyCNAJobs, Craigslist, and more to the ASNSPARK! CRM for communication, management & reporting.

Fill out Approved Senior Network’s form here at or give ASN a call: 888-404-1513 to schedule a no-obligation discussion.

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About Approved Senior Network

  • We have been in business for 13 years.
  • Our company is owned by Valerie VanBooven RN BSN and George Novoson.
  • Comprehensive online marketing is what we’ve been doing for 13 years. All inclusivesuite of inbound marketing strategies for senior care businesses, organized lead and recruit acquisition.
  • We have a CRM that all of our clients have access to, we call it ASNSpark! and it’s for organizing and communicating with leads, referral sources and potential employees and then that’s just a little summary at the end there.
  • For 13 years our only market has been home care, home healthcare, senior living and other senior service businesses.