Every part You Ever Wished to Know About God’s Medication


The Alpha and Omega … one in every of God’s many names that outline His capability, and likewise His foresight. God is aware of the start and the top of all issues, together with what it takes to keep up His creation, the human physique. The Backyard of Eden not solely offered the primary two people a spot to reside but in addition the varieties of meals they wanted to maintain their bodily our bodies match and sound.

God makes His directions clear in Genesis 1:29: “And God stated, Behold, I’ve given you each herb bearing seed, which is upon the face of all of the earth, and each tree, within the which is the fruit of a tree yielding seed; to you it shall be for meat.“ Uncooked and pure meals come from dwelling vegetation, which is what our “dwelling” our bodies have to thrive. As God’s medicine, a plant-based diet takes “the ultimate” proactive approach to health and well-being.

The Physique’s Self-Therapeutic Potential

The human physique stays in a relentless state of therapeutic and restore, from cuts and bruises to new cell and tissue era. The body’s potential for self-healing inevitably rests on the standard of meals we eat. Uncooked and pure meals act as God’s medication, supporting the physique’s capability to heal and keep optimum well being. In contrast to processed meals, akin to sugar-laden treats and fatty meats, uncooked plant meals comprise dwelling enzymes and vitality, that are essential to sustaining the physique on a mobile and system stage. The “dwelling” state of uncooked vegetation might be seen in how a carrot, when positioned in water, will sprout roots.

A weight loss plan of “lifeless” meals solely leaves the physique with much less vitality to fend for itself, which turns into more and more more durable with age. When fed a constant weight loss plan of dwelling meals, the physique regains its pure self-healing potential and may fend off illness and illness.

God’s Medication—The Elements

Uncooked Meals

Uncooked meals embrace any and all garden-grown fruit and veggies. Of their pure state, these meals are nutrient-dense, containing the whole lot the human physique must thrive. All these meals ought to make up 85 p.c of a healthy-eating life-style. The advantages of consuming fruit and veggies not solely produce optimum bodily well being but in addition enhance your emotional well-being and sense of contentment. Meals that make up this class embrace:

  • Uncooked fruit and veggies
  • Pure sweets, akin to date-nut squares and fruit smoothies
  • Entire grains, together with granola, oats, and muesli
  • Beans, together with sprouted garbanzos, uncooked peas, and sprouted lentils

Agricultural industry

Cooked Starches

Uncooked fruit and veggies might nicely present the physique’s nutrient and fiber wants, however protein is equally essential. The cooked starches portion of God’s medication can also be garden-grown however eaten in cooked kind versus uncooked kind. Cooked starches present the wanted calorie counts that keep a wholesome weight, together with the protein supplies that assist construct cells and tissues. Cooked grains, beans, candy potatoes, and home made soups are just some meals that match the invoice.

Meals Designed for the Human Physique

God has imbued the human physique with a natural intelligence that maintains its systems. Whereas medical therapies can ship optimistic outcomes, any therapeutic that happens depends on the physique’s self-healing skills to work. God’s medication (the pure meals that develop from the earth) is designed to nourish the pure intelligence that maintains the physique. Psalm 103:5 says it this fashion: “ … who satisfieth thy mouth with good issues; in order that thy youth is renewed just like the eagle’s.”

Concept of choice

It’s Our Option to Make: God’s Medication vs. Man’s Medication

Every one in every of us has the liberty to decide on the type of medication that may maintain our well being, and all of it boils down to 2 selections: God’s medicine vs. man’s medicine. God’s medication sustains wellness. Man’s medication treats illness and illness. Revelations 18:24 brings up an essential level: “. . . for by thy sorceries had been all nations deceived.” Fascinating sufficient, the phrase sorceries comes from the Greek language, that means pharmacy and prescribed drugs or medicine. Medicine have grow to be the go-to options in man’s medication, treating illness and illness, versus supporting the pure intelligence that our our bodies maintain.

Sadly, illness outcomes after we don’t give our our bodies the meals it ought to have. In impact, the serpent within the Backyard of Eden didn’t simply deceive Eve but in addition used meals to do it. In the end, the selection between man’s medication and God’s medication boils right down to watching our our bodies wrestle with illness and illness or dwelling lengthy, wholesome, vibrant lives.