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Hair Sugaring and Skincare

May 21

Hair sugaring is an effective form of hair removal.

If you've ever used waxing, you may want to consider sugaring. During the process, the wax is replaced with a sugar and honey mixture. It is sticky and has a similar effect to waxing. It can also have the same results. It is, however, herbal in origin and can assist you in cleaning up more quickly. The extraction of hair from the follicle is known as sugaring.

Though hair sugaring is a messy procedure, the results last for two to six weeks. Since it is a natural drug, you should apply it to every part of the body to see results. Many people believe it is particularly helpful to the bikini line and upper lip. Hair will regrow after being lost. Several individuals, however, have found that it can return much smoother and lighter, and it does not seem to be as thick.

But be careful about your skincare! You might not want to place too much sugar on your skin. Here's some good advice about that.