How Losing Excessive Weight Can Transform Your Life


A 37 year old man Joan shares his story on how moving to a different location helped changed his physical and mental health. This was a several weeks long journey, and was not easy for sure.

Just like every other person on the planet, his life was hit hard by the pandemic as well. Everyone was stuck in their house, and his family was no exception. He was working from his house, and he had to take care of his daughter as well while completing the heavy workload by working late hours. This changed his lifestyle completely, and he had no time for exercise despite trying hard for one or two weeks to take some time for proper exercise. All this routine hit his physique hard, and he soon started losing his shape because of his bad eating habits and frequent drinking combined with no exercise.

Joan says that he was not happy with how he looked like when he saw himself in the mirror, and found it hard to get up from his bed every morning. In the meantime, His company opened a new office in Dubai, and Joan decided to move to Dubai to have some change in his life. This is how his transformation journey started. You can check out the detailed story on Paralign as well.

Start of The Journey

Joan knew from the very start that this was not going to be an easy task, and that he needed someone else’s help to complete this journey. The trainer he found in his gym was the best companion he could have ever asked for. He was stressed about his transformation journey at first, knowing that he will have to exercise hard for hours to achieve what he was looking for.

He started to change his exercise routine, eating, and sleeping habits to bring a change in his life. He learned that one of the most important things which helps you in your weight loss journey is changing your diet, and then your exercise consistency matters the most.

He learned a lot about his body, and how he can manage to lose all the extra weight he had put up during the past few months.

By making all these drastic changes, he started to lose 1 kg weight per week. There were some days when he found it hard to stay consistent, but his trainer was good enough to keep him motivated on his weight loss journey. It took him 15 weeks to lose 13 kg of his bodyweight. After this, his life was changed forever, and his fat levels decreased from around 22% to 11% during this time period.

This exercise and diet routine helped him transform his life, and he started feeling much better about himself. Moreover, he started enjoying his sleep, and everything seemed to start improving. During this time, he learned that it is very important to take proper care of your body, and if you are successful in taking care of yourself, you will be able to take care of the people you love.