How To Find A PEMF Professional Near You


How To Find A PEMF Professional Near You

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PEMF for Humans, Small Animals and Equine, The Association of PEMF Professionals works with practitioners all over the world to ensure people interested in PEMF therapies receive only the highest quality treatments for themselves and their animals.
Use the map to find these AOPP verified PEMF practitioners locally and abroad, gather information about their practice, and discover the treatment types these verified practitioners offer all in one convenient place.
All you have to do is go to the link (below) and enter your address, city and zip and we’ll send you to a Professional near you that you can contact and get started on your personalized PEMF program!

The Association of PEMF Professionals
AOPP is about bringing awareness and education to the PEMF community. We support and advocate for the use of PEMF modalities on humans and animals and are committed to legitimizing and uniting PEMF users and practitioners.
unite. educate. grow.

The Association of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) Professionals
The professional association for pulsed electromagnetic field therapy unites, educates, and supports PEMF users, practitioners, distributors, and manufacturers. We offer nationally recognized certifications and professional development opportunities, monitor and advocate for PEMF in legislation, and provide science-based, peer reviewed PEMF research.

Our Mission
Advancing PEMF through Education and Research
The Association of PEMF Professionals serves the Pulsed Electromagnetic Field community by advancing the technology as a mainline, accepted, and supported modality by professional human and animal practitioners in all areas of health, wellness, and medicine.
AOPP works to provide consistent and effective support to the professional PEMF community by conducting and supporting research to elevate PEMF to an accepted mainstream modality and establishing industry standards like a Code of Ethics and standardized method of measurement for PEMF power and signal output.
AOPP is a professional association open to individuals and businesses to unite, educate, and grow the PEMF industry.  Through educational opportunities, such as certification, continuing education and professional development, AOPP meets all of the training needs for the PEMF community and is committed to leading with only the top- notch professionals.

Additionally, AOPP creates unifying force for legitimizing and protecting the uses of PEMF.  We consistently monitor regulatory efforts at both the federal and government levels.  Our membership will help secure PEMF therapy as a legitimate modality for patients both human and animal for years to come.
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