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May 1

Oxygen shortage is the direct precursor to nearly all ailments and illnesses. That's exactly how important oxygen is to our cells - especially nerve cells.
The sharpest of clinical minds are growing worried that the bodies are not obtaining anywhere near the levels of oxygen needed for peak health and wellness, vitality, immune system feature, and also long life. They indicate the expanding proof which suggests; 1) bodies are implied to work at far greater concentrations of oxygen than it is presently obtaining; 2) the complete liquified oxygen content of most peoples bodies today is considerably less than what is required to keep health, high energy levels and advantage appropriate metabolic rate; and 3) the reduced the dissolved oxygen web content, the greater our vulnerability to persistent illness and also disease.
Instead of making my cases allows review what experts need to say;

" Serious condition conditions we locate low oxygen level. Oxygen deficiency in our body's tissues is an indicator of disease. Hypoxia, or absence of oxygen in the tissues, is the basic cause for all degenerative illness." - Dr. Stephen Levine. Renowned Molecular Biologist. Author, Oxygen Deficiency: Concomitant to All Degenerative Illness.
" ... When the body has ample oxygen, it generates sufficient power to enhance metabolic process and eliminate built-up toxic wastes in the cells. All-natural immunity is accomplished when the body immune system is not burdened with heavy "poisonous buildup". Detoxification happens when oxygen is presented right into the system". Dr. Norman McVea," Oxygen plays an essential role in the proper functioning of the body immune system. We can consider oxygen shortage as the single biggest cause of all diseases."-- Stephen Levine, a recognized molecular biologist and geneticist, as well as Dr. Paris M. Kidd, Ph.D., Antioxidant Adaptation

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