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May 6

How Can My Wrist Pain be Coming From My Neck?

Wrist pain is not only annoying and uncomfortable but it can also affect your work and personal life by making everyday activities painful. Your ability to write, type, drive, cook, and exercise may be limited if you have persistent pain in your wrists. 

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Through chiropractic treatments, many people discover their wrist pain is actually coming from pinched nerves in the neck, rather than from direct sprains or strains to the wrist or damage to the carpal bones. This is possible because the entire musculoskeletal system is connected and the nerves in your wrists and arms originate in the neck. 

Chiropractors commonly treat referral pain, where the pain felt in one area of the body is actually caused by an injury or illness in a different part. Wrist pain is a great example, especially as pinched neck nerves may sometimes mimic or even trigger pain caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. 

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If sharp pain and pressure in your wrist persist for several days, or heat/ice treatment no longer makes a difference, then it's time to see a chiropractor for your wrist pain to figure out exactly where it's coming from and how to alleviate it. The Back Pain Project is a program developed by combining chiropractic care with spinal decompression, physical therapy, and Trigenics to offer lasting relief to people suffering from chronic low back pain.


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