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Is Wallet Sciatica a real thing?

Wallet sciatica may sound made up, but it’s actually a real condition, and according to chiropractors, it’s more common than you may think. Sciatica is nerve pain resulting from a compressed and/or irritated sciatic nerve. This pain starts in the lower back and radiates through the hips, buttocks, and legs, although often the discomfort only affects one side. 

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Believe it or not, something as simple as carrying your wallet around every day can lead to sciatica if you’re not careful. The pressure of a wallet in your pocket can injure the sciatic nerve and result in posture-related pain, particularly when combined with other pressures, whether it be from heavy lifting or strenuous exercise. 

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It’s probably second nature to just sit down at a restaurant or movie theater with your wallet in your back pocket. However, if you can avoid putting your wallet in the same spot all the time, you will lower the risk of developing wallet sciatica. Try swapping your wallet to the front pocket or tucking it in a jacket zipper pocket. 

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If you do feel pain in your lower back, hips, and legs, consider visiting your local chiropractor to see if you have wallet sciatica or another condition.


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