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The Endurance Factory Fitness - Home of CrossFit TEF Announces Affiliation with CrossFit

Oct 21

The Endurance Factory Fitness teams up with CrossFit to Deliver World Class Fitness & Personal Training Services

Savage, United States - October 12, 2021 / The Endurance Factory Fitness - Home of CrossFit TEF /

The Endurance Factory, Maryland based gym is pleased to announce their affiliation with CrossFit, effective from September 30, 2021. With this new collaboration, the Endurance Factory Fitness has further cemented its leadership position in the fitness and wellbeing industry in Maryland and the surrounding areas.

CrossFit is one of the fastest growing strength and conditioning programs with a presence in over 14,000 locations across the world. CrossFit programs combine strength training, explosive plyometrics, Olympic- and power-style weight lifting, body weight exercises, kettlebells, gymnastics and endurance exercise.

Using this holistic approach, CrossFit aims to help athletes improve all the major components of physical fitness, including stamina, cardiorespiratory fitness, endurance, muscular strength, power, speed, balance, coordination and accuracy. The program also seeks to instill discipline in the participants by regularly engaging them in intense and impactful workout sessions 3 to 5 days per week.

What Does CrossFit Affiliation Mean For TEF and Their Members?

With this unique affiliation, individuals looking to improve their overall fitness now have more options to access quality training and mentorship by the best fitness experts in the area. The gym focuses on functional fitness through group classes with friendly coaches and within a strong and supportive community.

With their unique training approach, CrossFit TEF can greatly benefit experienced CrossFit athletes, along with runners, cyclists & swimmers looking to improve their performance.

Building a base of aerobic fitness - characterized by stronger heart muscles, thicker capillary webbing and improved enzyme production necessary for optimum endurance performance - is something often lacking in most CrossFit programming that focuses on short bouts of very high-intensity work. While extremely effective in building the energy systems that support an athletes ability to work at threshold, it often neglects the aerobic system.

With its experience training and mentoring OCR athletes racing short distances like a 5k through endurance events of 50k or more, athletes looking for CrossFit endurance programs can lean on TEF to optimize their performance and help train their bodies to be more effective at supplying oxygen to working muscles - something they depend on when performing high-intensity CrossFit WODs or competitions.

What Fitness Programs Can You Get At The Endurance Factory?

Along with the addition of CrossFit classes, The Endurance Factory also offers HIIT, OCR group classes, nutrition accountability coaching and personal training.

Intensive OCR Training

If you are preparing for your first obstacle course race (OCR), TEF offers three level of obstacle clinics/workshops that teach you obstacle skills, technique, and mindset. For the competitive/elite ocr athlete, the OCR Masters℠ program aims at advanced obstacle technique and building the cardio and muscular endurance needed to perform at the highest levels of OCR.

ObstacleFIT℠, a 60 minute OCR specific training class provides any level of athlete exposure to multiple levels of obstacles while focusing on building grip and leg strength along with cardio endurance. OCR tests your strength, endurance and agility which is exactly what ObstacleFIT℠ OCR training is going to prepare you for. TEF recently fielded 18 athletes at the OCR World Championship events in Stratton VT which were held on September 23-26, 2021.

Athletes take part in specific obstacle training that is relevant to reaching their goal. Training exercises range from multi-rigs, monkey bars and Twister found at Spartan Race, Savage Race’s Anchors Aweigh and the Cheeseboard, to the most advanced obstacles like Skitch and Gibbons that you will see at City Challenge, OCRWC and Indian Mud.

Healthy Lifestyle

In addition to providing group fitness coaching to participants looking to improve their fitness, TEF also pays serious attention to the eating habits of every athlete through nutrition accountability coaching. They believe that the journey towards a better and healthier body starts in your kitchen. Healthy foods eaten in the right proportion helps you look and feel your best. The fitness experts will guide you to make simple changes to your eating habit to combat preventable health issues like obesity and diabetes.

Take a Step Forward to a Healthy Lifestyle Today!

The Endurance Factory is more than a gym. It’s a community of amazing people committed to becoming the best version of themselves. TEF is dedicated to building better humans by making a gym more fun, changing your perspective about the gym. The coaches make sure every participant leaves each workout session feeling more confident in their body than when they walked in.

CrossFit is designed to help you achieve your fitness goals without necessarily detaching you completely from the lifestyle you’re used to. CrossFit is best known for its results-driven programs as well as its community, and both fit right into what TEF has been building in the last 4 years, including the months of COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions.  

Have you tried workouts in the past but got tired midway, or you get frustrated after trying every program and supplement? TEF is here to listen to you and create flexible fitness and diet planning that are tailored to your fitness goal.

Their caring and friendly coaches will be there to help you focus and achieve your goal faster than you could ever imagine.

Ready to take your fitness journey to the next level and get results fast?

Then you definitely want to give The Endurance Factory a shot. A professional fitness coach will be willing to interact with you and address your questions, challenges, and goals. In the end, they will come up with a customized fitness program to help you achieve your goals fast. When you work with a team of certified fitness trainers with several years of experience in the bag, and in an enabling environment, you are sure going to get your desired results, faster than you could have imagined.

For more information, you visit their official website or speak with them at 443.626.0992.

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The Endurance Factory Fitness - Home of CrossFit TEF

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