What is up with Crocs?


Summer is here and COVID is a distant memory. Life has begun to return to normal. Everybody is getting more active. I don’t think that I can handle another pandemic lockdown. I just need some fresh oxygen.

I was looking for sandals and shoes for my children. I wanted something that my kids could wear to school and on the beach. It doesn’t matter whether it rains or is hot and sunny.

I saw so many parents purchasing Crocs for their children as I walked from shoe shop to shoe store. This is what I had in mind to purchase, but it seems that I wasn’t alone in this idea. Steve Crews from Pedicure.com was kind enough to tell me if he has noticed any trends.

Steve stated that he had seen an increase in people looking for Crocs from February to March. Crocs saw a huge spike in interest when Crocs donated more than 900,000 Crocs clogs last March to frontline healthcare workers.

My conversations with people reveal that they either love or hate their Crocs. Crocs are a topic that is universally loved. Crocs has partnered with many influencers to create signature styles such as Justin Bieber or Bad Bunny.

Crocs haters will claim that Crocs are dangerous for your feet. You can read more about whether Crocs are good or bad for your feet here.

When I went on an overnight canoeing trip, I became a Crocs fan. I needed something that could dry my feet when they were wet in the canoe. The Crocs kept me warm, I found. My Crocs would dry quickly if I stepped in the water and then returned to the canoe.

These were very helpful when I had to drag my canoe up a muddy bank while we camped overnight on the river. My Crocs would get muddy and I would walk to the river to wash my Crocs. These sandals were my most versatile and flexible. They never smelled.

I had worn “leather-style” sandals the year before. They stayed damp throughout the entire canoe trip. My feet felt stale and my feet smelled bad. Every year, my camping and canoeing experience was different.

A friend of mine was asking me about my experience canoeing. He wasn’t sure if Crocs was right for him. He was unsure if Crocs were right for him as he has bunions. He asked, “Are Crocs good for bunions?“.

Before I bought my Crocs, I did some research. I found many sources, including the American Podiatric Medical Association which stated that Crocs are great for bunions. There is plenty of space in the large foot box. Crocs are made from Croslite, which provides support and cushioning. The rear start also holds your foot in place.

They were not my first choice, and I admit I was not a huge fan. But I loved them when I tried them on for the overnight camping and canoeing trip.